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We offer another pledge, one that assures you to freely contact us with any question concerning our material, First, we shall always try to offer as much free material as possible to spread the Gospel. We pledge with no hesitation to you, that our material is written from believing, loving, and concerned hearts, with the intention of honoring Jesus Christ, his kingdom, and encouraging you in honest Bible study, to help you along your spiritual journey, which is frequently traveled in this life. You will find connections with our blog, and more free material, as well as Facebook where short blogs will also be found. When thinking about books, think of Pledge, and booksaready. The name, Charles Pledge, is a name connected with some Old Testament literature. Getting Acquainted With the Old Testament, Volumes I and II have been used in colleges and other institutions associated with preacher preparation and training. Other Old Testament, now out of print, has also been associated with the name Pledge, and more is scheduled to appear under that name.

Charles Pledge, with the encouragement of many, has done extensive research and writing concerning the kingdom, the Called Out of the Lord, and the name Christian. Some of his books have been on the leading edge of thought about the church concept which has grown so far away from scriptural foundation. His work on the Nature of Christianity represents some original efforts, and his work on the Apostolic Commission offers some ideas for those who wish to draw nearer to apostolic teaching. He has offered some ideas relative to Bible study which this generation needs, but has not heard heretofore. His books are designed to provoke thoughts and Bible study, particularly in the Old Testament. His writings always lift high the validity and strength of the Scriptures, as God intends it to be, Psalm 138:1-2.

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