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We invite you to this pause on your spiritual journey which you are making in this life. It is our pledge, no pun intended, to offer free ebooks and other ematerial relevant to your spiritual journey, designed to help you identify your needs. We are customer friendly.

Pledge, being a good biblical name, occurs in several instances in the Hebrew and Greek Bible. It means assurance of the fulfillment of a promise. One thing we pledge, especially, is to help you in whatever way we can. We believe we have several books from which you can obtain help.

We pledge, solemnly, that our books are filled with Bible teaching to help you along your spiritual journey while you pilgrimage through this life.

We pledge, to you, that you will find encouragement to aid in your spiritual journey while doing service to God.

We pledge, to you, that we shall give the best service, and strive to satisfy your need, to the very best of our ability to encourage you in your spiritual journey as you travel it in this life.

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Our Books:

  • Instruct in the necessary steps in your spiritual journey, along this way. Also much will be said about the Lord, who is set forth as the focal point of our spiritual journey, while we render service to him. If we fail at this point, we shall fail in the spiritual journey, because that focal point is what our spiritual journey while on earth is about.
  • Encourage to walk in the ways the spiritual journey, which is so dear, will lead you. We also offer you a pledge, a pledge, which particularly is a serious offer to provide all we can humanly supply of biblical information which will be of permanent help to you.

  • Exhort to deeper study of the Bible, which is basic in order to become more like him whom you pledge, that you may be submissive, as you learn more how to travel your spiritual journey, through life. Answers need to be given to the questions like, how to pledge that your life is devoted to spiritual service; how to pledge that your life shall demonstrate loving your neighbor, and how to pledge especially in order that your life will be devoted to loving God supremely. Thus, your spiritual journey, not a mystical walk, but a real spiritual journey shall be truly enjoyed. This pledge, we make to you.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Charles A. Pledge
All books are written by Charles Pledge, unless otherwise noted.

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